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Richard Zimler: the subversive side of my personality

Lorraine Berry entrevista Richard Zimler

«Over the past thirteen years, I’ve corresponded by email with Richard Zimler, the award-winning author of The Warsaw Anagrams and The Seventh Gate, both released in the United States in 2012 by Overlook Press.

We’ve never met in person, but he has taught me a lot: how to craft a beautiful sentence about an awful experience; how to persevere when you are considered a second-class human being; how to find joy in a restricted life; how to tell a story. In this interview, conducted by email in March, he reminded me again of how important it is to write about those who can’t tell their own stories.


He is now an American expatriate. Zimler and his partner live in northern Portugal, and the eight novels he has written in fifteen years have received heaps of attention and awards in Europe. His books have been translated into multiple languages. It’s a great shame that, despite his success elsewhere, Richard Zimler is virtually unknown in the United States.»

Para ler a entrevista, siga o link talking writing

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